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Crystal River is the home of the greatest concentration of the endangered West Indian Manatee.
    Swimming with the manatees is fun for all ages and is one of the most memorable and unique experiences you will ever have.
    And, you don't need any snorkeling experience to participate. This gentle giant will warm your heart and you will come away from the trip with an understanding of why we need to protect this mammal from extinction. An experienced guide is provided for all manatee encounters.
    This manatee encounter runs daily year round. Advance reservations are highly suggested.

Kings Spring is located in Kings Bay in Crystal River Florida. There are about 150 springs in the bay with Kings Spring being the largest.
    The spring itself is 75ft in length and 25ft wide, with a maximum depth of 55ft and a cavern that reaches back to around 50ft. The spring is home to manatees, large tarpon, blue crabs, large catfish, and hundreds of mangrove snapper that gather around the entrance.
    This trip may be combined with the Manatee Snorkeling and Dive Trip and also includes an experienced guide.

Come snorkeling or dive the crystal clear waters of Rainbow River, offering visibility to more than 150ft.
    Hundreds of springs feed this true Florida treasure, ranking the river one of the best in the country. The maximum depth is 25ft. and you will experience an abundance of marine life including very large bass, long nose garfish, and a wide variety of turtles. Watch as the habitat birds dive and fish right before your eyes. Here, you are truly one with nature. Rainbow river is also known for its wide variety of fossils, shark's teeth and arrowheads, and for all you photographers out there, it is perfect for taking beautiful pictures above and below the water.
    Both the Rainbow River and Kings Spring adventures can be scheduled to dive or snorkel the same day.

With its crystal clear waters and maximum depth of 100ft, Blue Grotto is grand ... to say the least!
    The Blue Grotto is a cavern dive and requires that participants be at least an openwater Level I diver. An experienced instructor will also be provided to guide participants on this dive.
    When you first enter the Blue Grotto, it appears as though it is only a small pond. However, as soon as you submerge, you are automatically transported into the 'grand ballroom' just below the surface. A guide line is fastened from the entrance following a 'chimney' down to 100ft. which then swings back to the entrance. There is an air bell in the main chamber to stop, chat and share your exciting diving adventure with others while still under water.
    This dive and Devil's Den can be scheduled to dive the same day.

This pre-historic cavern was carved by Florida's underwater aquifer millions of years ago and is a breathtaking site even before you enter the water.
    Upon arrival, you first must walk down a set of steps, that have been carved by nature out of limestone, down to around 60ft. to the main underground cavern. Once there, you enter the water making a controlled decent to one of the platforms positioned for check out dives.
    Visibility in this beautiful cavern is typically 60-100ft. and you are surrounded by lots of large boulders as you dive through large and small swim throughs. Throughout your dive, you will experience millions of fossils embedded in the limestone and marine life mostly made up of large gold fish.
    Your experienced instructor will lead you every step of the way, pointing out everything this breathtaking dive has to offer. Because this is a cavern dive, each participant must have at least an Openwater Level I certification.
    The experience is so incredible, don't be surprised if you see more than one vehicle with a bumper sticker saying that they dove with the Devil at Devil's Den. You can dive Devil's Den and Blue Grotto the same day.

    For hundreds of years the Timucuan Indians made this spring their home. 45 min. from Orlando, this 72 degree clear water spring is home to manatees Oct.-March. For openwater divers the limit is 60 ft. and cavern and cave divers can reach a depth of 120 ft. The impressive limestone walls form this unique multilevel dive.
    Great for check-out dives, advanced, cavern and cave levels of training. Snorkelers can play in this natural pool. Boardwalks guides visitors through the lush hammock to Blue Spring and surrounding trails.

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